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Ductless Heat Pumps

NW HVAC Ductless Heat Pumps for A Hassle-Free Heating System

daikin_brouchureDo you have a home with no ductwork? Are you having difficulty with a proper heating or cooling system that is comfortable while affordable? It’s time to stop worrying! You can enjoy all the advantages of a full-fledged heating system even without ductwork. Ductless heat pumps are here to stay!

So what exactly is a ductless heat pump? Simply put, ductless heat pumps are heating units that provide both heating and cooling to homes with either no ductwork, or very poorly operating ductwork. They function such that they eliminate any potential loss of energy from leaky or unsealed ducts, thus increasing energy efficiency and lowering energy costs.

What you need to know about a ductless, mini split heat pump:

  • A ductless heat pump extracts heat from outside air and relocates it by moving it in winter.
  • The process is then reversed during summer to act as a cooling unit.
  • These units are very high on energy efficiency – even at low outside temperatures they don’t need backup electric heat.
  • Furthermore, ductwork often generates energy losses while mini split units reduces these losses by 15 -20%.

To learn more about the intricacies of a ductless heat pump, call NW HVAC today! Phone: 360-576-9679 or fill out our online form. We serve customers in Battle Ground, Camas, La Center, Ridgefield, Vancouver and Washougal.

For Durability and Comfort, NW HVAC Offers Quality Services

Although the technology has been available internationally for a couple of decades now, the ductless heat pump is still pushing its way through in North America. Be careful when you order a pump. A technician who is unfamiliar with the way ductless pumps work may perform a faulty installation or repair job.

NW HVAC consists of a team of highly trained experts, well versed in the latest technology in today’s market. You can count on us to install your ductless mini split heat pump in a skilled, efficient manner. Once installed, you can kick back and soak in the warmth that such a heating unit can offer while remaining energy efficient and reasonably priced.

We understand that most customers are on a path of discovery when it comes to this type of heating system. NW HVAC provides complete customer support. Our technicians are very capable and will offer you all the information you seek.

Are you interested in a ductless heat pump? NW HVAC will walk you through the entire installation process, answering any question you may have. Call us at 360-576-9679 today.

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