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Utility Rebates

Why Install a Heat Pump?


Heat pumps can save up to 50% on your home heating bills because they deliver energy more efficiently than other sources. Heat pumps are actually air conditioners that include a reverse cycle for heating, so they cool homes in summer and heat them in winter.

Let us Help You!

We offer incentives for the installation of heat pumps in electrically heated homes. You may qualify for a rebate of $500 and $2,000,  depending on the efficiency rating and your existing heating method. The heat pump must be installed to “Performance Tested Comfort Systems” standards by a NWHVAC Service a contractor participating in the utility’s Contractor Network. Here are some of the specific utility incentives currently offered for heat pumps.

Air source heat pump

  • $1,500  rebate for electric forced air furnace conversion to heat pump.
  • $2,000  rebate for electric forced air furnace conversion to variable speed heat pump.
  • $750  rebate for heat pump replacement.
  • $1,000  rebate for heat pump variable speed replacement.
  • $500  rebate for heat pump commission and controls.

PTCS commissioning** required

We also offer financing for heat pumps.

Offer expires 3/31/2021

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