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Tune Up Special

$129 Furnace or A/C Tune Up Tune-Up! NW HVAC Service Inc │ Service is our forte │ See our Testimonials

Take advantage of this limited time offer!

End Date TBA

Check out NW HVAC Service Inc’s Electric or Gas Furnace Tune-Up or Air Conditioner  Tune-Up for only $129. Avoid Heating or cooling failures when you need it most, keep all your equipment running smoothly and efficiently with this special offer.

This furnace service includes the following:

  • Align crossover arms for smooth ignition
  • Check pilot assembly/ Hot Surface Igniter
  • Clean burners and flame sensor
  • Check thermocouple position
  • Inspect gas valve
  • Test manifold gas pressure
  • Clean and adjust belts and drives
  • Inspect blower wheel
  • Clean and lube fan motor
  • Inspect bearing assembly
  • Visually inspect heat ex-changer
  • Check draft, hood and vent pipe connections
  • Check thermostat
  • Check air filter and not condition
  • Replace air filters if customer has replacement available
  • Check Flame characteristics of burners
  • Check air intake and exhaust vent
  • CO test for Carbon Monoxide

This air conditioning/heat pump service included the following:

  • Check operating controls
  • Check pressures
  • Check visible refrigerant levels
  • Check condensing coil
  • Check refrigerant lines
  • Check reversing values
  • Check defrost control system
  • Check for refrigerant leaks (with soap)
  • Check and clean condensate
  • Lubricate motors & fan bearings
  • Check and clean condensing coil if accessible
  • Check and clean evaporator coil if accessible

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