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Maintenance Agreements

Residential Prepaid Maintenance Agreement Plan


A tip top furnace and
ventilation system is the
most important part of a
safe and healthy home?

Our prepaid program is the new popular and cost effective way to save time, money, and hassle of finding a company and making service call. (Not to mention your poor old furnace!) Regular maintenance is absolutely crucial to a keeping your ventilation system working well.

Not only could it save you thousands from the cost of a new furnace, but it ensure you and your family are safe from harmful (even potentially deadly) airborne toxins and gases. Our Prepaid agreement program allows you a hassle free solution to keeping you comfortable.

It offers a seasonal tune-up and professional cleaning of your furnace, heat pump and/or air conditioning systems, ductless heat pump equipment, and Air Duct systems.


Gas Furnace

  • Heat exchanger
  • Burners, Pilot, Igniter
    and Flame sensor
  • Gas Valve
  • Blower motor, belt
    and wheel
  • Test all modes
  • Clean/replace 1” filter
    (2”,3”,4” filters extra)
  • And much more!1

Air conditioner or Heat Pump systems

  • Freon levels and pressures
  • Extensive check of electrical Connections and components
  • Extensive check of Defrost controls, valves, sensors, and safety limits
  • Check indoor blower
  • Test back up and other modes
  • Clean drain line and trap.
  • And much more!1

Air Duct Systems

  • Inspection of age, quality of installation, and connections.
  • Inspection for any damage.
  • Inspection of Supply/Return air plenums and for correct air flow load.
  • Inspection of any other apparent crawl space/attic problems, and a free referral to a reliable contractor that can help. (If necessary)
$aving you money.

Our goal is to save you as much time, money, and hassle as possible. With our extremely fair and competitive pricing, we can fit any budget, with a guarantee that you will be satisfied and pleased with your experience. Get our hassle free maintenance program today; give your family comfort and peace of mind with clean, safe, and refreshing air. Hassle free.

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