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Trane Heat Pump Repair

Trane Heat Pump Repair by Industry Experts

As with most heating and cooling systems, problems may arise even if you are diligent about routine maintenance. Frequent use of your Trane unit puts wear and tear on its components, which can lead to a malfunction or breakdown of the entire system. If your heat pump is no longer heating or cooling properly, it is best to contact an expert trained in Trane heat pump repair.

Don’t wait if your heat pump is running constantly, or if the drain pan is overflowing, or you are hearing unusual and loud sounds. NW HVAC offers superior Trane heat pump repair services. Our technicians have the experience, parts and tools needed to quickly diagnose and repair even the most complex heat pump issues.
Diagnosing Your Heat Pump Issue

Often the cause for a heat pump breakdown is because homeowners miss the early indications their heat pump is in trouble. It is easy to miss these symptoms, because often your heat pump will function well, even while a problem is developing.

Once your heat pump starts to fail, there are numerous possible causes, including:
Heat Pump maintenance offer

Tripped circuit breakers
The unit is no longer receiving gas
Dirty filters are blocking airflow
The system is cycling too frequently—causing higher utility bills
Thermostat failure
Electrical elements have failed
Outdoor condensing unit’s coils are dirty

Because there are so many different reasons your Trane system can fail, it is best to call in an expert who knows how to diagnose and fix these systems. Our trained technicians will not only diagnose your heat pump issue quickly, but we also have access to parts and manufacturer-approved components so that you do not risk voiding your warranty—something a DIY fix is most likely going to do.
NW HVAC technicians are Trane heat pump experts. With years of experience diagnosing, repairing and maintaining Trane systems, our technicians and here to help get your system back to its best

Call us today at 360-576-9679 or contact us online to discuss your Trane heat pump repair needs. We proudly serve customers in the Battle Ground, La Center, Camas, Ridgefield, Washougal, and Vancouver areas.

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