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Trane Air Conditioning Repair

Is Your Trane Air Conditioning Not Working? Contact the Repair Experts in Your Area Today

Trane air conditioning units are known for their dependability and longevity, but even the best brands may encounter issues from time to time. If your Trane air conditioner is not operating as it should, there could be a variety of causes. It is important to have it diagnosed and properly repaired so that you can get back to enjoying your home.

Why is My Trane Air Conditioner Not Working?

There could be a variety of reasons your Trane system is not producing cool air or circulating air properly. Some common issues include:

  • Circuit Breaker Problems – Your home’s circuit breaker may need to be reset. If this happens frequently, you may need to have your unit’s amps assessed to make sure it is not drawing more power than it should.
  • Thermostat Issues – Have you checked your unit’s thermostat? It may not be set to the right temperature or you may have a program that is interfering with your unit’s ability to engage. Double check that you do not have an “away” setting turned on or that the temperature setting is low enough for the air conditioner to kick in.
  • Warm Air Blowing Through Vents – This can occur when you have a thermostat issue, blower problem or your coolant/refrigerant is malfunctioning.

Call in the Experts for Trane Air Conditioning Repair

When you call for Trane AC repair, you want to make sure the company you choose will repair the problem right the first time. Faulty AC repairs or DIY repairs can cause larger, more expensive repairs later on and or even decrease the lifespan of your AC unit altogether. The technicians at NW HVAC are certified and we are dedicated to taking care of your Trane system as if it were installed in our own home. When you contact our technicians, we promise to:

  1. Arrive on time for your scheduled repair appointment
  2. Provide you with a detailed repair estimate
  3. Offer emergency services – for those times when your AC unit breaks and the temperatures outside warrant a quick repair
  4. Work with the manufacturer to ensure all warranty-covered repairs do not cost you anything out-of-pocket
  5. Quick, efficient and guaranteed repairs

When your Trane air conditioner needs repair, call the Certified experts at NW HVAC for help.  Our repair specialists are here to ensure your system is operating at its best. Call us today at 360-576-9679 to schedule your Trane air conditioning repair appointment. Contact us online with your questions or to request am appointment.

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