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Ruud Air Conditioning Repair

Ruud Air Conditioning Repair Services by Certified Experts

Just like your car, your Ruud AC system may need repairs from time to time. Even with proper maintenance, a Ruud air conditioner could malfunction and will require professional repair. NW HVAC has a trained team to install, repair and diagnose Ruud air conditioning systems often the same day, so you can get back to enjoying the warmer temperatures in comfort.

If your Ruud air conditioner problem is not diagnosed and repaired properly, costlier problems could arise down the road, or your air conditioner could stop working altogether. This is why it is imperative that you only contact a Ruud air conditioning expert and get timely repairs done on your unit.

Why is My Ruud Air Conditioner Not Working?

There are a variety of reasons why a Ruud air conditioner could stop working. While some issues are minor, such as a control error, others could require significant work to get the unit back up and running properly. Some common reasons air conditioning units stop functioning include:

  1. Thermostat errors or malfunctions
  2. Broken blower
  3. Blocked intakes
  4. Refrigerant leaks or issues
  5. Wiring issues (including electrical problems)

The Benefits of Calling Certified Ruud Experts

Because there are numerous reasons why your Ruud air conditioner may stop working, it is best to leave the diagnostics and associated repairs to the professionals. By calling in the technicians from NW HVAC, you get:

  • A skilled air conditioning technician that is trained in all Ruud models. Our technicians know how to quickly diagnose and repair so that you can get your home environment back to comfort in no time.
  • Manufacturer-approved and supplied replacement components. We carry a full stock of Ruud components and even Ruud air conditioner units so that you get your repairs done quicker.
  • A chance to preserve your warranty. When you repair your Ruud air conditioning yourself (or hire a company that is not certified), you could void your new air conditioning warranty leaving the cost of repairs to come out of your own wallet.

When your Ruud air conditioner stops working, turn to the professionals here at NW HVAC. We are Certified and authorized dealers for Ruud air conditioners and furnaces, which means you have experts showing up at your home to repair your unit.

Call us today at 360-576-9679 to schedule your Ruud air conditioning repair appointment. Contact us online with your questions or to request an appointment.

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