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AC Repair

Top Notch AC Repair and Maintenance in Vancouver

Most high efficiency air conditioning systems work well if treated with care. However, problems can occur and must be seen to by a trained air conditioning repair and maintenance company in Vancouver. A skilled technician can make a few tweaks to your system that could prevent a landslide.

TTake a look at some of the common problems with air conditioners:
NW HVAC AC unit maintenanceElectric Control Failure: Like most machinery, there could be wear and tear of the compressor and fan controls in your cooling unit. This occurs most often as a result of the constant turning on and off of the system.
Problems with Drainage: This, most specifically, occurs with room air conditioners. Due to the outside humidity levels, the condensate drain may get clogged. A maintenance checkup conducted by competent workers when humidity sets in is a good idea.
Detect Refrigerant Leaks: Your AC may be acting up because the refrigerant is leaking. Using a leak detector, a trained technician will fix the problem.
Neglecting Customary Service: You probably go to your doctor every once in a while, to make sure your systems are all in order. Your HVAC unit needs to be treated with the same care and respect. Accumulated dirt can cause a complete shutdown – one that is hard to restore.

With NW HVAC Service you can get your air conditioning system repaired by trained technicians in Vancouver at reasonable rates. Call us at 360-576-9679 today to find out more about our maintenance services.

What Does a Skilled Technician Look For?

A well-trained specialist will know exactly what to look for during a professional AC service call. You know if the technician is incompetent or lacks experience when he doesn’t check up on critical aspects. Some of these are:Home Diagnostic for NWHVAC heat pump and furnace repair service

  • Note whether the thermostat is functioning properly
  • Check if there is a duct leakage in the central system
  • The air flow must be measured through the evaporator coil
  • A technician always checks the amount of refrigerant
  • All connections and terminals need to be cleaned thoroughly
  • Examine and lubricate motors if necessary and check belts for any signs of wear and tear
  • Does the technician show the greatest respect for your home or business?

NW HVAC Service offers quality AC repairs and maintenance services at prices you can afford. Backed by a team of experts with years of experience, we guarantee top quality service with minimal disruption to your day.

Get Vancouver Air Conditioning Repairs & Services Today

Contact NW HVAC Service for top-of-the-line air conditioning repair and maintenance services. Call us at 360-576-9679 today! We serve customers in Battle Ground, Camas, La Center, Ridgefield, Vancouver and Washougal.

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