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Ruud Furnaces

Enjoy the Selection and Quality of Ruud Furnaces Installed by NW HVAC

When winter comes about, you want a furnace that keeps your home comfortable, warm, and safe. Ruud offers superior technology and efficiency that is designed to keep your home warm for years.

The team at NW HVAC is not only a certified Ruud Pro Partner, but we also offer a variety of Ruud furnaces that we can install in your home today.

Why Buy a Ruud Furnace from an Authorized Dealer?

When the time comes to upgrade your furnace, purchasing a Ruud unit from an authorized dealer is always best. Ruud Pro Partner status allows NW HVAC to offer our customers exclusive promotions and financing on Ruud furnaces. With these offers, you can get the unit you need at a price you can afford.

Furthermore, an authorized dealer unlocks the longest warranty authorized by Ruud, and our team can help maintain your new Ruud investment too.  All NW HVAC specialists are trained on Ruud units, ensuring you get the maximum lifespan and efficiency from the furnace you install in your home.

The Benefits of Switching to a Ruud Furnace in Your Home

Ruud is the leader in heating technology. With their natural gas furnaces in your home, you take advantage of a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Greater Comfort and Performance: Ruud units are quiet when they run, but also highly efficient and robust. They keep your interiors at a consistent temperature and reduce cold spots ensuring that each room of the house enjoys optimum temperatures.
  • Efficient Comfort Year-Round: Ruud gas furnaces offer patented heat exchanger designs that improve airflow, reducing energy consumption and noise. With the variable-speed motors, you maximize heat and flow, but at minimal cost.
  • Reliability: Ruud furnaces are extremely dependable. With the direct spark ignition used exclusively in Ruud furnaces, you get technology that is proven, time-tested, and ready to last your home for years.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: Ruud likes to simplify the process of installing and maintaining your furnace. A Ruud Pro Partner from NW HVAC can find the perfect unit for your home, then install it in just one day. Also, all Ruud units are designed with the PlusOne Diagnostics, which allow for faster service calls and repairs.
  • Energy Star Rated Units: Take advantage of tax credits and utility rebates by installing a new Ruud unit with the Energy Star rating. The Ultra Series from Ruud can maintain your home’s temperatures consistently while lowering utility costs.


If you are ready to upgrade to a Ruud furnace, contact the pros at NW HVAC. Our consultants will come to your home for a no-obligation consultation. We conduct measurements and help you select the right Ruud unit based on your home’s size and heating needs. Our team will install your Ruud furnace in just one day, and maintain it to preserve your Ruud warranty.

Call us today at 360-576-9679 to schedule your new Ruud furnace consultation. Contact us online with your questions or to request a free quote.

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