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Coleman Air Conditioning



Comfort with a conscience

Now you can feel as good about the environment as you do about your home. This Coleman® air conditioner/ heat pump uses about three-fifths the electricity of older AC Units, earning it the ENERGY STAR® logo awarded by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency for saving energy. And it comes with R-410A refrigerant, which reduces impact on the atmosphere.


Reliability you can trust

Count on the engineers of Coleman® heating and air conditioning equipment to ensure long-life reliability by using an advanced MicroChannel coil. This technology uses all-aluminum construction developed in the automotive industry. The aluminum MicroChannel coil creates a superior heat exchange surface for higher performance.

Small size, perfect fit

Advanced design of this AC/heat pump unit makes it possible to fit maximum performance in minimum space. The result is an attractive, slimmer appearance and neater installation of your air conditioning system.

Enjoy the peace and quiet with a Coleman a\air conditioner

Raise comfort, reduce noise

quietest soundsEnjoy the peace and quiet that comes with a quieter upflow air flow pattern, a sound-isolated motor, a rigid top panel, cushioned compressor mounts that dampen vibrations, and added sound insulation.

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